Message from the HoD

Welcome to the Department of Mathematics, School of Science, Kathmandu University. If you are prospective students expecting your field of study in science and its applications in real life, this is the right place.

Department of Mathematics focuses on the interdisciplinary applications of Mathematics in various disciplines. A foundation of this subject is taught in all undergraduates programs in Engineering and Science of KU.

A good knowledge in both Mathematics and Computer, and able to use these knowledge in solving real life problems is a current global increasing demands. Keeping this objective, Department of Mathematics introduced B.Sc. in Computational Mathematics from 2017. This program at Kathmandu University is an interdisciplinary program that mostly sits at the intersection of Mathematics and Computer Science. The department also offers MPhil and PhD programs in Mathematics. Department is in plan to introduce Master in Computational Mathematics.

Major objective of the department is in capacity building of undergraduate and graduates on interdisciplinary applications of theoretical knowledge, and enhancing the research activities.

Please let us help you to achieve your educational and career goals.

Associate Professor Rabindra Kayastha

Head of Department

Department of Mathematics