Collaborative Linkage

Department of Mathematics, Kathmandu University has link with various academic and well as non-academic institutions to feature research and study exchange for students and faculties. Following are the individual institution that are linked up with the department:

      1. King Mongkut's University of Technology Thonburi:

        The purpose of this MOU is to develop academic and educational co-operation on the basic of equality and reciprocity and to promote sustainable partnerships and mutual understanding between the King Mongkut's University of Technology Thonburi on the behalf of the faculty of Science

        Scope of Activities:
        - Student exchange for research and study.
        - Exchange of faculty, staff and research scholars.
        - Joint research activities.
        - Continuing education programs.
        - Organization and participation in seminars, symposia, short-term academic programs and academic meetings.
        - Exchange of research and educational materials, publications and acdemic information.
        - Technical assistance.

      2. Ncell Pvt. Ltd.

        The purpose of this MOU is for the period to the students/pupils of the KUSOS to allow them to gain valuable applied experience and make connections in proffessional fields they are considering for career paths.

        Objective of Internship Program:

        The internship is a form of experiment learning that integrates knowledge and theory learned in the classroom with practical application and skills development in a proffessional setting. Internships give employers the opportunities to have new ideas and perspectives on organizational issues while building poor of future talents; and give the students the opportunities to gain and educational in nature.

      3. Fusemachines Pvt. Ltd.

        The purpose of this MOU is to establish mutual relationship between the department of Mathematics and Fusemachines Nepal Pvt. Ltd.

        Scope of the MOU:

        The Fusemachine shall:

        - Provide training, career councelling, job opportunities, exposure to the students and graduates of the department, specifically in the field of Artificial Intelligence and related subject

        - Participate in the Talk Show and the events organized/endorsed by the department;

        - Provide expert input and faculties to the project/thesis students.

        The Department shall:

        - Encourage the students to actively participate in the activities organized and managed by The Fusemachines;

        - Provide space for presentations and guest lecture sessions;

        - Coordinate activities organized in the premises of the department;

        - Endorse to put the name of the department of Mathematics, School of Science, KU as a collaborating partnet in the events    jointly organized and managed by KU and Fusemachines.